Common Lawn Issues Your Landscaping Contractor Can Fix

Maintain Your Lawn!

Lingering lawn problems are the worst thing that can happen to a lovely lawn. If the damage is serious enough, you might even be wondering if your grass can be saved. To help you and assess whether you can resolve your grass-related issues, here are some common lawn problems that a reliable landscaping contractor can help you with:

Patchy Grass

Dead patches on your lawn are one of the most typical lawn problems, and they are most usually the result of a drainage and soil problem. To thrive best, certain grass and turf require particular soil conditions. The majority require good soil with appropriate nutrient concentrations that drain effectively. The grass may eventually get uneven and wither if there is a leak in your garden or if it is getting too much water. If you certainly have concerns about the condition of your soil, ordering a soil test might help you identify specific issues with your lawn and guide you in selecting the most effective remedy.

Lawn Grubs

These tiny, fatty worms may inflict a surprising amount of harm to grassy regions, including dead sections of the lawn, brown blotches on the grass, and rapid invasion. These grubs and caterpillars that live on the surface are distinct varieties of common beetle larvae. They are short, white, plump worms with heads that typically curve into a C shape. In the spring, when they are actively feeding on fragile grasses, they are most active and attack. It is crucial to eradicate them as soon as possible to end their life cycles.

Powdery Mildew

Another fungus problem that, if ignored, might swiftly blight your garden’s aesthetics if allowed to proliferate. It thrives in shady places with chilly, gloomy circumstances and is most frequently found on slow-growing turf. This means that it prefers the spring and fall seasons. On the top surface of the leaf blades, powdery mildew can be recognized by a gray-to-white cobweb-like development. With time, it may get denser to the point that your lawn’s whole leaf surface appears pale green or dull white.

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