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If you want to install a patio in your yard, you can always rely on a professional landscaping team like Reyes Landscaping & Maintenance. We are based right here in Johnston, RI and one of our specialties is building the most durable and long-lasting patios that our clients want. Know some benefits of turning to our team!

Landscaping in Johnston, RI

We have experience with the project

You can have faith that we will successfully install your patios on schedule, no matter how complicated they may be. When working with customers, we adhere strictly to schedules and never keep them waiting. You can rely on our precision and exactness because we have the necessary training for the job. If you’re looking for landscapers to construct your patios in the most eco-friendly and long-lasting way possible, look no further than our team.

Let us build you an outdoor patio

The equipment needed to complete the project is already in the possession of our team. When it comes to constructing your patios, we know exactly what tools are required and which ones will come in handyYouou have the option of selecting treated wood or concrete for the surface materials. Naturally, before we make the final decision for you, we will inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of each material.

Patios may look simple to build, but their construction is more involved than it appears. It’s difficult enough to work in the construction industry normally. Working with us is highly recommended. You can have the patio of your dreams without lifting a finger because we will handle everything for you.

Call (401) 865-8445 and Reach the Top Rated Landscaping in Johnston, RI!

If you’re looking for a trusted landscaping team right here in Johnston, RI, you can count on us! Reyes Landscaping & Maintenance is a trusted name in the industry because of our excellent workmanship and budget-friendly rates. Call us today at (401) 865-8445 to work with a trusted expert!

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